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We Pick Up From You!
Berg Recycling, Inc offers customers a range of services crucial to the construction sector. Our servcies include, but are not limited to:


  • roll off containers
  • roll back services
  • live loading
  • dump trailer
  • dump truck
  • flat bed trailer
  • lowboy equipment
  • hauling trailer
  • 53’ Box Vans



Roll Off Containers

We have container in sizes ranging from 8 to 50 cubic yards. Customer service is important to us. High volume users can expect on-call and weekend service. The chart below demonstrates only some of the dumpsters offered by Berg Recycling that we place on your jobsite or business location. The dumpster can be placed at your location for just one (1) load, permanently, or any length of time in between. We also have out on the street some custom made containers ranging from special nylon wheels so as not to scratch the floor inside a building to cans with folding tops to cans sealed on the sides so no liquids leak out. We can fabricate any size dumpster for any need you may have.



 Overall Length


 10 yards

 8 feet

 8 feet

 20 yards

 23 feet

 5 feet

 30 yards

 23 feet

 6 feet

 40 yards

 23 feet

 7 feet

 50 yards  23 feet  8 feet


Rollback Services

Berg Recycling can get into tight spots (with our rollback, not with our attitude) where we can hoist your car, truck or just any ole thing you don’t have any way of lifting right onto our rollback truck and turn it into instant money for you.


Live Loading

Many times there is no room on the jobsite to leave a dumpster or trailer. Other times the customer will have a crane onsite to remove a piece of equipment, like a rooftop unit. With the proper communication, we will have the appropriate driver with his trailer or dumpster waiting right there so the recyclable item can be placed on the vehicle and removed without ever hitting the ground or taking up critical time or space. When our driver and truck are waiting onsite to get loaded, this is called Live Loading and, yeah, we do that when you need us.


Dump Trailer

Scrap metal is transported most of the time using dump trailers. We run about a dozen different dump trailers depending on what type of load will be in the trailer. We have lengths from 30’ long to 48’ long.


Dump Truck

We provide a small dump truck for the small jobs at a much lower transportation cost to everybody.


Flatbed Trailer

Many materials will not safely fit in a dump trailer because it is too wide or too long. The load may be an odd geometry that may shift in a dump trailer and for these reasons we offer flatbed service.


Lowboy Equipment Hauling Trailer

Berg Recycling will come out to your site with the proper equipment to help clean it up. We move our own equipment to and from sites when necessary because we have our own equipment moving trailer. We also use it for moving tall pieces of scrap that would normally cost money to dismantle first, thus saving the customer time and money.


53’ Box Vans

Load the box vans on your own time. We will place them at your site so you can drive right up into them and load what you want, when you want to load it.