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We Recycle a Wide Variety Of Metals

Berg Recycling accepts a wide variety of materials.  If you don’t see what you have on this small list below, then call us anyway.  It might be something that we can work with.  Even if we do not work with the particular item you wish to turn into cash, we will work with you to find a home for it. No scrap yard handles everything, so just ask and we will find something for you. Click on the pictures below to see examples of what we are looking for (Pictures Below are links to the photo gallery with several shots of each type of metal):

Aluminum – sheet, gutters & down spouts,
Aluminum Car Rims
Auto Batteries
Brass – Red & Yellow & anything with brass on it
Cast Iron
Computers –from PC’s & Mac’s to main frames
Rebar – new & recovered from concrete
Copper – and anything with copper on it
Farm equipment (that has been sitting in your field for 20 years)
Junk Cars & trucks
Plate and Structural Iron
Sheet Iron
Stainless Steel
Underground storage tanks (not fiberglass)
Wire – computer wire, telephone wire, co-ax cable, etc


Copper Metal

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