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State-of-the-art Recycling Equipment

Berg Recycling’s facilities are second to none, allowing us to accept the widest range of scrap metal possible and providing you with the highest possible price for your scrap metal. Our scales are state registered and calibrated regularly to insure correct weights. Each load brought into the facility is video taped as it crosses the scale and our radiation detection system keeps out loads that do not belong. Each scrap metal load that crosses our scales will have an original, individual scrap purchase ticket generated.


Berg Recycling processes cut grade steel using various shears. The Big Daddy is our stationary Guillotine Shear that cuts with 1,500,000 pounds of force per square inch. Smaller pieces of metal will be processed with our Bobcat mounted shear and the smallest pieces of all are handled on our hand fed shear. The bookkeeper even uses hand shears instead of scissors for paper.