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Demolition and Site Development

Berg offers total and partial site demolition. We can demolish entire buildings or just a portion of it. Buzz Berg started demolition in 1964! Nobody else in scrap metal recycling can offer you demolition and interior dismantling like we can. This includes dismantling of small or large manufacturing equipment, overhead crains, 500,000 gallon tanks, or material handling equipment in your plant. There is nothing that we can not remove from a building. We even remove boilers three stories underground.  We can help you demolish and prepare sites from small to large.
Razing a structure is only a portion of the project that we can help you with. You need to make sure that you are not left with a pile of debris with no where to take it. That’s where Berg Recycling really shines. We have disposed of over 4 million pounds of demolition/construction debris on 1 job in 1 week. That is more that 100 tractor trailer loads in 1 week.  Because we’ll schedule to make sure that your project gets priority treatment.  You’ll have less overhead – 1 contractor instead of 2 and no conflicting schedules.